Renewable Energy UK Trends to Watch out for in 2017

As the dangers of climate change become more apparent, it is becoming top priority to do more in making the world more habitable. Adopting renewable energy is a start in making life on Earth more sustainable. This is energy that is generated without taking additional resources from the planet. For example, wind energy is renewable as the wind will always blow. So is solar energy. Businesses and private people in the UK are taking up more renewable energy in the form of solar, wind and hydro power.

What are the renewable energy UK trends likely to be seen in 2017 moving forward?


Biofuels are made from organic waste including human and animals waste, alongside dead plant mass. In October, 2016 governments and aviation industry stakeholders around the world agreed to use more biofuels in aviation. The Department for Transport announced £390m funding to go to research in making vans and cars that can utilize biofuels better.

Renewable energy products innovations

Businesses and private homes are deploying more devices that can use renewable energy. Some of these are:


Amazon is already using drones to make deliveries. Indeed, drones are expected to find more uses in journalism, security, disasters, and other situations where it is more sensible to deploy an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Drones have become easy targets for renewable energy as they are lightweight and can use energy sources such as solar for long periods without landing. Expect more drones to be buzzing overhead at low energy costs.

Solar phone chargers

Many smartphones will not go longer than a day on a single charge necessitating phone chargers and powerbanks. With the solar phone charger all you need is place the smartphone and charger in the light.

Solar lawn mower

How about a lawnmower that will do its job automatically whenever there is sunshine? The solar lawnmower is compact, automatic and has zero emissions.

Water powered clock

Unlike the conventional clock that uses battery power to keep time, the water clock needs only water to run. The clock generates its own energy by converting ions in the water to electric power. All that is needed is a refill to restock the ions. The clock will keep time for 3 months on a single refill.

Solar powered speakers

If you are having an outdoor event, you will not need to lug around a generator or batteries to power up the speakers. These speakers will draw power from the sun and also detect the right angle for the best sound delivery.