Laurence Hostun by consultants presents you the SEO

Seo (search engine optimization) means: “search engine optimization”. This term defines all the techniques implemented to improve the position of a website on the results of search robots (serp). It is also called natural referencing.

The objective of an expert in natural marketing is to improve the visibility of the web sites he is in charge of by making them gain positions on search engines (google, and also yahoo! , bing, etc.).

The objective is to make a booty call to visitors interested in products / services or informative content. It is said that a site is well optimized or referenced if it is in the first positions of a search engine on the desired search.


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The seo what is it?

Generalities in order to get a top result of a page without resorting to the purchase of keywords, the referrer will work different criteria indicated by google. These techniques, called “seo white hat” (as opposed to “black hat” which are all practices deemed fraudulent and prohibited) are defined according to the relevance of the result offered to the user. Google focuses on the user experience in order to avoid creating disappointment and discontent that could mar its use.

Indeed, the more google has users, the more this one will be able to market its advertising spaces (google ads), to develop its product. But for that it would be better that the “searchers” (Internet users who search on google) have a fast and extremely relevant result compared to their initial request.

The different seo techniques to seduce google, it is that there are many ways to act: on your site: insertion of keywords in the texts of your site writing tags, metadata … high quality content, with content that has its raison d’être technical requiring to manipulate the code to lighten the site, make it easy to browse by google robots around your site: building external links of high quality (link posted on other sites that point to your site) sharing on social networks using analysis tools.